instead of this,

i would say this,

i wish i can still have the time.
i wish i can make it become true.
please .
please give me some more time.


im sorry i cant be there for you

im so sad
i cant be with my best friend when she's really need someone to share everything
to share her problems
to story everything with me
she's always with me when i need her
im always share my problems with her
many times she watched me crying over and over
but now
i can only see her crying through skype
oh how i really wish that i can be with her now
i want to hug her
i want to calm her down
just like what she did to me
whenever im down
i hope you will stay strong
i know its hard
i will never stop pray for you
remember dear
everything happen for a reason
even if you loose someone you really love.
you still have HIM,
you are never alone tau.
i will always be your backbone till the end.
love you friend. stay strong.


spot it.

there's a something rare you can notice occurs naturally on me.


mama says,

i just had a phone call with my mama.
she said.

" It doesn't matter what. as long as you study and understand everything, you can do it. Believe in what you do. I'm sure you can make it"

that's why i love you mama.
thank you.
yes i will try my hard.


fikir sat.

Jika kita ingati, ketika Aisyah r.a ditanya orang mengenai perangai Rasulullah s.a.w, jawab Aisyah perangai Rasulullah ialah al-Quran. Maksudnya Rasulullah dan al-Quran tidak boleh dipisahkan. Bilal bin Rabah apabila ditindih dengan batu besar atas dirinya, kalimah “ahad-ahad” (esa) yang keluar daripada mulutnya ialah lambang cinta pada Allah.


show me.

Tell me how you've never felt delicate or innocent. do you still have doubts that us having faith makes any sense. tell me nothing ever counts lashing out or breaking down still somebody loses 'cause there's no way to turn around

dangerous and moving

You take it all away
But never give it back
And this is what you say
Their lives are yellow black
And this is how they move
And this is how they sway
That danger is the truth
They die and come again

Obstacles and signs
Perilous and looming
Dangerous and moving
Dangerous and moving


i have a disease so called
"i must get that thing for sure"

man. its dangerous!


its t.A.t.U times!

oh i really miss this times.
i miss my school.
i miss my friends.
a lot of memories!
a lot!
we fight. like a kids.
we loves. like a couple.
we otai. like a yakuza!
and still, we close like a family.
i loves them.
they are my heartbeats.
they thought me a lot.
they thought me how to be an indie person.
thanks guy.
oh you know what. we loves listening to tatu songs!
all about us, friends or foe, ahh everything about tatu.
we loves it.
and the lyrics of tatu song also very2 meaningful.
i love it soo.
girls. i really miss you guys.
i really2 did.
one promise.
"even we are apart with each other, but we are very2 close in each of our heart!"

i miss you guys.



thats so true.

dear future

please let me have at least something that worth for me to wait.
please help me to erase all the memories that i really hate. that i really want to forget.
please guide me to become a better me.
please support me to move forward towards a better life.
please give me all the courage
please teach me to be strong.
and please love me always.

::::mars and venus::::::

women are from venus.
men are from mars.