boys and girls

Boy meets girl. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy falls in love with girl. They can't keep their hands off each other.

Boy and Girl get married. They have fun chasing each other around the house. They still can't keep their hands off each other.

Girl gets pregnant. Girl is very tired and nauseous. Boy is supportive and understanding. Girl gets big, really big. Boy doesn't mind.

Girl has baby. Girl is tired and sore. Boy must stay away for at least six weeks. New breastfeeding apparatus is off-limits from boy.

Girl's body is now shared with a demanding baby and a neglected husband. Girl is still really tired. Boy is still supportive, but a little lonely.

Girl isn't really impressed with her new body. Girl only let's boy around with the lights off.
Eventually, girl gets sleep, baby gets sleep. The boy and girl begin to chase each other around again.

She gets pregnant, again. Repeat previous story, but now with toddler in tow.
Girl changes diapers, feeds babies, and sees herself as a sustenance machine. Boy still sees girl as someone he likes to chase around.

Girl is balancing babies, household duties, and marital bliss on a precarious slope and at some point something is going to give. Since the house isn't going anywhere, the babies need attention, the boy is put on hold.

After a while of this, boy feels sad. Girl is hurt that boy doesn't understand.




tears falling down when i read about them
about the children,
they lack of food.
they died.
how pity are they.
i wonder
am i grateful enough with what i have?
i am too selfish. yes i am.

"we did not at all fully experience the perpetual fast those less fortunate than us experience. After a long day of fasting, we had a wonderful table full of food awaiting us, unlike those in East Africa that fast for days at a time with either little food or no food at the end of the day."


5 Important Pencil Lesson

The Pencil Maker is ALLAH and We are pencils!

stay zati stay

not everybody happy.
me neither.
i may laugh,
i may smile,
i may look strong,
but deep inside.
i am crying.
i am not that strong to bear all the problems.
i am fragile as well.
after one problem, another one comes,
oh GOD.
i know you give me all this because you are watching me.
thank you Allah.
i am just hoping that i can still stay standing
and will keep holding on.
and and
i am not alone at all right?
YOU are with me
always. and. forever.



see you in 10 years time.
let's us see and look with our own eyes.
promise is a promise.
thank you
you booooost up my spirit.
you think i can easily forget?

i will make sure that i will do well in my life
i will become a success cardiologist one day.
and see,
what you will say one day.
bye bye!