Is your heart a yes or no?

Give me a sign, X or O
It’s no fun to wait


you ;)





salam All.

its been a while since my last blogging, hello blog. im lazy lately. :D.

ok. there's a thing i want to share, 
a sentence that really made my heart skip a beat!

“My sin burdened me heavily. But when I measured it against Your Grace, O Lord, Your forgiveness came out greater.”

first, i cried. yes. sebab terlalu banyak sgt dosa yg ditanggung badan.. yes. DOSA. bukan satu dua, tapi banyak! banyak terlalu banyak sangat! im always asking, Allah ampunkan ke aku nnt? bolehkah aku masuk syurga dia? tapi.  kita kena tahu dan sentiasa ingat, yg ALLAH maha pengampun, Allah sayang hambaNya, Allah will never leaves us alone, He will always guide us. kan?.

. salam.


let Allah Guide us.

There are times when you’re alone, discouraged, and just plain weary. When it seems like there’s no one left who matters. That’s when faith counts more than ever. That’s when faith is tested.

In the darkest cave, the deepest canyon, the most barren desert, Allah is still there. Let faith carry you at those times, and let Allah guide you, and you will come through to a better place.

It’s a promise from Allah. “Whoever is conscious of Allah, Allah makes for him a way out, and provides for him from directions he does not expect.
#from islamic-quotes.blogspot


i love ALLAH

“You save repentance for later, when later isn’t even yours. Remember, death can reach you anytime."

Allah says in the Glorious Qur'an: "Every soul shall have a taste of death, and in the end to Us shall you be brought back! [Qur'an 29:57["

i wish i have enough time to ask for HIS forgiveness

Ya Allah,
aku dah byk buat dosa,
terang atau tak,
ampunilah dosa2 aku,
berikanlah aku hidayah selalu
jauhilah aku dari terus hanyut
berikanlah aku kekuatan.
untuk terus mencari jalan kebenaran
untuk terus berusaha menjadi hambamu yg sentiasa taat
hambammu yg soleh
berikanlah aku peluang
sesungguhnya aku hanyalah hambamu yg lemah
yg hanya mampu berharap kepadamu YA RABBI.



from my heart i say,
from my mouth i speak,
from my actions i convey,
that truly without Allah i am nothing.
Indeed, Allah is my everything, and the greatest blessing i have.
O Allah, bless us all with paradise. amin. :)



i am struggling for the so---called..... EXAM!!!