aren't it true?

thie song. -i believe: maher zain

i cried when i first listen to it.
we forgot about him sometimes in our life.
we didn't ever remember that HE's the one priority in our life.
HE's the one that always with us,
during our up side down,
during our hard time.
no matter what.

is there's still a time for me?

back pain part II

i still have the backpain. but kurang as compared as before. and my urine i hope its getting better. sebab i quite a few times tak makan ubat as told. not that i dont want (because im the kind of person yg memang susah nak makan ubat). but maybe because the fasting month. i mean since i back to olomouc,about 2 times only i took the medicine. sebab here you start your fasting at 4 am in the morning and will start to break a fast around 8++ pm. so after buka puasa, around 9++pm, we will have tarawih. and finish around 10.45 pm like that. and then im usually fell asleep around 11++ pm. so in the end. lupa makan. and around 3pm like that, bgn sahur. and if i did remember about the ubat, i will take it, if not. i dont. -__-. so im just hoping that everything will be ok. oh no. here, baru i realised, that i dont drink enough of plain water. yeah, i drank juice a lot!. ok OMG. better i go and buy dozen bottles of minerals now. ok. do pray for my health. :)

smile. its easy.

someone said.
"hey. you look beautiful when you're smiling"
and in addition, people said kn,
"senyum kan sedekah"
:) senangkan?

another step.

chemistry. lets go.


i dont care 2nE1

i love this song. best. especially part yg i dont care eeeeee tu. tak dapat nk upload the song. next time ok.


2nd day prague.

i said before that im going back to olomouc kan?
tp i decide to stay one more day here.
tonight we buka puasa so heaven,
semua sedap.
matmin cook some spaghetti ( hes like a chef )
me and ummi made "brick" . a kind of arabian dishes.
sedap. ala ala mcm murtabak.
(tak sempat snap gambar dah habis masuk perut.hehe)
hehe. kenyang. nak study pun kenyang la jugak kan.
so tomorrow morning i will take train to olomouc.
around 10 am. duhh
im thinking now. how im gonna carry all my luggage.
they are heavy like seriously HEAVY!
takpa. just redah ja la.
janji sampai olomouc. :)
till here. bye

im homesick. i miss them.

i miss them i miss them i miss them :(


im here again. czech

i safely arrive here about 2.20 pm local czech time.
matmin and ummi came and fetch me at the airport.
luckily ada them,
tkdala takut nak naik bus alone kan.
tambah2 im not familiar sangat dgn prague ni.
and tonight i will spend a night here in prague.
tomorrow morning i will take train back to olomouc
tidur rumah ummi.
and after we will have buka puasa together.
and later we will go to library for study.
and will stay there until the next morning.
struggling till the end of life! (hyperball)
matmin and ummi will have exam at the end of august
and mine on this 26th.
guys. do pray for us.
pray that all our efforts will be pay off.

its hard to say goodbye.

last night was my last night with my beloved family.
i have to go back to czech.
im so sad.
i wish i could have spend more time with them.
times flew so fast.
i want to hug my mama.
i want to hug my bapak.
i want to hug my adiks.
and i miss my mak ngah and haikal lilia as well.
i really miss them now.
i want to be with them now.
i love them so much.
my precious one!
nothing more important than them.


fly. bye bye

i already booked my flight ticket from klia to prague.
its on 20th. 2 a.m
this time. - emirates.
my flight ticket yg i already have yg supposedly i balik on 15th sept. so burn -_-
but i dont mind. duit boleh cari, kan?
the sad thing is.
i will miss celebrate raya here with beloved family and friends.
raya dekat czech? - ok smile no sedih sedih.
friends pun ada situ.
so dont worry.
malaysia nnt anytime can balik kan.
the most important is, study hard. and finish everything.
the goal = "dr. zati"
amin. guys. pray for me too. :)
and how nice kan if we can just fly away with just using ballons! tak payah nak lama2 sakit belakang sit in the flight.


money money money
seriously, i dont know how to handle money!
spend on this, spend on that. haish. habislah duit.
i cannot have money, if tak me boros. just like tadi.
me spent money on many ridicolous things.
semua merepek2 things.
ish. membazir. ok.
thats why lain kali if shopping i choose to go shopping with parents.
terkawal sikit. hehe. if not. i spend money like lemon juice yg minum dkt kafe, kejap dah habis.
please. teach me how to save money.
for future. nnt nak kahwin senang.HAHA. ok geli.
anyone out there yg boleh be my adviser?
that know how to manage account ni?
haish. no good membazir. amalan syaitan kan?
today already, i spent for nearly rm k k k k!!
belajarla berjimat sikit!
save money for your future!

p/s : if mcm baby atas tu kan senang. kecik2 dah tidur atas duit.


baked sweet potato

yummy yummy yummy and yummy.
when you eat it, you're craving for more.
try it.
and you wont regret.
sgt sedap. and sooo sweet.
believe me.
and plus korean people pun like this too.


dear ....,

to kutal@holibka.
hopefully you guys in a good mood nnt.
please let me get a good results.
i will try my best
so you guys, ready
just wait and see.
i will show you.
hehe. xoxo.
k bye.
see you sooo sooon kutal@holibka



cantik, elegant, but
........ :(
see her,
superb, gorgeous kan?
belanja i this.


his name is max

hugs and kisses.
mmuah. xoxo. lol.
k bye.

happy birthday

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happpr birthday to kak lang
happy birthday to you.

happy birthday
. jgn jd malas ok.
. listen to what mama and bapak said.
. be a good daughter and a good sister too.
. may God bless you always.
love - kak long -

tak faham faham??

i hate people yg busy body.
jgnlah tunjuk nak caring sgt.
somehow it "geli" faham.
sorry, i sound kind of rude. but please la faham.
i hate it really.
its uncomfortable faham tak?
yes you are kind.
but its geli
so tolonglah.
tak faham STOP eh?
and lagi satu.
dont act yg you know me for a long time ok?
nak nag sana sini
its my life.
what i want to do everything jgnlah nak sibuk2.
have a life jgn nanti kena cop stalker pulak. jerk.


macarons. petit je kan. comel. colorful. rasa? try lah.


cool kan?

heart skipped a beat

Please don't say we're done
When I'm not finished
I could give you so much
Make you feel, like never before
Welcome, they said welcome to the floor

It's been a while
And you've found someone better
But I've been waiting too long to give this up
The more I see, I understand
But sometimes, I still need you

Sometimes, I still need you

I was struggling to get in
Left waiting outside your door
I was sure
You'd give me more

No need to come to me
When I can make it all the way to you
You made it clear
You weren't near
Near enough for me

Heart skipped a beat
And when I caught it you were out of reach
But I'm sure, I'm sure
You've heard if before

a fresh start

its august.
and its a new start.
A month which i was born to see the world.
wake up.
as a new person.
to be a better person in life.
forget the past.
start a new chapter.
don't repeat the mistake.
regret it now or regret it later.
cry it now or cry it later
believe in myself
trust in myself
there's still a long journey
its never too late kan?


i feel so sad.
but someone told me.
life must go on.
its not that easy to get what we really wish we have.
even we lost the people we love.
we must go on with our life.
never turning back.
start a new life.
yeah. saying is easy but to do it, its hard.
but life must go on.
just pray to GOD.
HE had everything in order.
everything the best for me.
i will never cry.
because i am strong.
yeas. i am strong.
yes mama. you are right. love you. i will never give up.



a friend

its a gift from GOD if you have a friend
that you can rely on
that you can trust on
that you can share your tears with
that will be there for you anytime you need
that will never talk behind your back
that will always support you
that care a lot about you
that will never leave you behind
that will trust you always
that will never cheat on you.
that will always love you.

that's a power of so called "friend".

hai again. hello. hai hai


you know what?
its fun when you read other's blog. beatiful. and cute pula tu.
aww. jealous.
i dont know how to write.
but its fun kan have a blog. betul tak key? hehe
ala. tulis je apa2 pun.
tapi nak tulis banyak yg best tak tahu.
takpa. learning is important.
so hye blog. hehe