don't say i miss you if you didn't mean it
don't say you need me if you didn't mean it
don't say i love if you didn't mean it.

we love this

yesterday we had eid celebration.
we enjoyed it!
delicious food and met with many friends.
happy. go. lucky. everyone.

so our click,
mmg sah2 like taking pictures.
nak nak pulak key just bought a brand new
so we are the modelsss for her.
ahaha. sebab we all like taking pictures.
kan, kan?

hehe. we had fun.
sampai lenguh la mulut sebab asyik posing
ahaha. tapi best!
and the pictures turn out very very very nice one.
semua cantik2 you know. <3

this is us with our TYT.

this is me and adeeek manissssssssss. ;)

i like this. nice kan?

this is super duper like like like!
p/s : there's a story behind this. a TOP story. ;)

and here is our miss photographer. miss key.




i must not forget to take my medicine.
i must not forget to take my medicine.
now i can feel thats its getting worst
i skip my ubat time.
so now.
back to discipline okay.
take ubat on time please ;(



every words is a lie


just go.
dont come back
its annoyed.
dont get me involves anymore.
bye and thanks!


a hope

please granted my wish.
i just want one.
only one.



whenever it may be.
stand by my side.
watch me with your own two eyes.
whether im going to right road until the end.
that way,
i will be able to remember today while looking at you.
that's why you have to continue to be by my side.


see you ya!

one day
you will see
im not a coward
im not a loser
i will show you
just you wait till the day come.
i will never regret
i will never turn back
because i did nothing wrong
i am in the right path
you know what?
i will never give up
oh yes. never.
today you may laugh
but one day you will cry.
crying for help.
and i can just look at you.
i cant help.
because im really tired.
see you one day.



preparation is important
study jom study


a power of broccoli

broccoli delicious.
i like it.
tambah2 its gooood for your health.

1. good to remove the eyebag
-so mmg sesuai for us student yg always stay up and tidur kadang2 tak ikut time. eyebag pun makin nampak la. so nk clean, senang je. broccoli!

2. good for jerawat too.
- clean your face. no more pimples. shoooh.

3. a good vege to have a good body shape
- mmg sesuai for those yg nak body cantik. no need sapu2 cream lol

4. senang masak.
- paling senang makan like salad ja. cicah dgn thousand island pun delicious okay.

and so much more, bnyak sgt benefits broccoli ni. jom makan jom. :D

lets party!

im fat lets party
ha jom jom jom!

one day





put your hands up
put your hands up
put put put put... !
oh yeah!



if you failed.
dont be sad.
because we still have HIM.
definitely, HE will never leave us alone.
dont give up.
ever. dont.
keep trying harder.
in the end, you will find the gold.
the most precious than you ever had.
the most expensive than anybody else.

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail."

"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place."


"Never, never, never give up!"




i got
this from beny. jemy , enney and jet. thank you guys. love you guys too! oh and notice the small yellow paper? its a wish from someone-you-dont-know-who. :)
the card is huge kan? yet it meaningful :)

and here my new Mr boolie-boo

i was study outside my balcony just now. and i snapped this pics sebab i rasa cantik
even penuh with building but its beautiful really. hehe. you think so?


orange juice addicted!

orange juice is my oxygen.
OMG. im so addicted to it.
i must drink it. its a MUST.
a day without it, i feel incomplete.
im just love orange juice!


you made mistake.
you ego.
you don't listen.
you think you are right.
you want to have a free life.
without no one to tell you what is right what is wrong
i am like that.
sometimes i forgot.
the reason im here.
because of my ego.
ego. destroy everything.
ego. my enemy.
i keep on pondering,
people out there,
how they become so strong?
how they become so obedient.
i am jealous of them.

Dr Mrtin.

another good news please.
thank you.



i want to help you
you dont want to help yourself
i cant do anything
its all depend on you.
think about it,
dont regret later.
as a friend
i try my best to help.
i felt responsible.
i felt guilty too.
but the only thing for sure i can do
is to pray hard.


a step.

You don’t have to drive any BMW to be handsome.Be an imam in my prayers.
You don’t have to hush me with lovely songs to melt me. Recite the Kalamullah.
You don’t have to be rich. Please have a kind heart.